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"The effectiveness are the right things, properly done in a timely manner."

Peter Drucker

In the development of many companies, there comes a moment of finding new markets, mostly abroad. The benefits of exports are unquestionable and clearly outweigh the risks of business expansion in foreign markets.

How to succeed in a foreign market?

To effectively develop exports you need reliable information and knowledge. For ten years we've been advising clients on international trade, we develop sectoral analysis, look for contractors, act as a go-between in transactions on eastern, U.S. and EU markets and help to optimize the cost of entering a foreign market.

We suggest our customers - based on experience of over 300 Polish companies - a list of necessary steps to success in exporting:

You do not have to do it alone, "Define your goal, we will do the rest." We find effective solutions for your expansion into foreign markets.

In order to implement European standards in Poland to help exporters, we have established the “Polish Export Development Foundation”, which runs projects related to its statutory objectives.